Nye tider på Herfølge stadion

image HB Køge med Herfølge BK indløbsdrenge
19. november 2018 kl. 20:17

Søndag den 18. november spillede HB Køge 1. division hold sidste kamp på Capelli Park / Herfølge Stadion. Fra sæsonåbningen 2019 is played at Capelli Park / Køge Idrætspark.

Det var en dag med både glæde og vemod, as it was a sporting success with a nice victory at 3-0 over Lyngby BK, but also for the good and exciting years with both 1st division and superlabel at Herfølge Stadium, which must be continued at the new stadium in Køge.

There will continue to be many exciting things at Herfølge Stadium, where new activities come in as the 1st division team and the administration hold a shift day.

Planerne for HB Køge er fastlagt i den nye samarbejdsaftale indgået mellem HB Køge, Køge BK og Herfølge BK in spring 2018. The parties welcomed the new agreement, which increased talent development and deployment of new facilities during the next 3 year.

Tilblivelsen of the new Køge Idrætspark means that during the spring HB Køge activities can be divided into 3 youth teams and DBU topcenter at Herfølge stadium and at the 1st division team, 2 youth teams and the administration will be placed in Køge Idrætspark.

The profile of the elite football at Herfølge Stadium is hereby amended so that it is more the youth teams who play the match and match the stadium with f. eks. U17 divisionskampe.

HB Køge pigefodbold will also feature the elite football at Herfølge stadium as most matches and matches for both youth teams and senior play at Herfølge stadium. Senior holdet var igennem 2018 Jeg flot udvikling og kronede en god sæson med oprykning til Øst-rækken, der er kvindefodboldens svar på 2. division.

In addition to youth youth ball at Herfølge Stadium, there have also been several members in the last year in the children's department and senior department in Herfølge BK - both girls and boys, and we look forward to being able to accommodate ahead.

Facilities need to be expanded, but some improvement is already under way. I 2018 we renovated our clubhouse with 10 changing rooms and added 2 new changing rooms. In 2019, the municipality has invested for further renovation, and the premises of Nordtribunen are changed to accommodate the changed composition of teams and members. Vi påbegynder renoveringen i slutningen af ​​1. kvartal i takt med HB Køge 1. div. og administration flytter til Køge.

More broadly, other sports events have been reported in recent years at Herfølge Stadium. Herfølge Fitness has, for example, achieved a large membership in a short period of time, and the various associations are talking about the continued development of the stadium for common benefit.

The Perspektiverne looks so exciting for Herfølge stadium forward with lots of elite and soccer football, as well as cooperation across the union boundaries.